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ConferZoom incorrect email set

Hello. I am an IT tech at Victor Valley College and we have recently run into a strange problem that we can't seem to find a solution to up to now. We have several instructors/tutors who, when they try to schedule sessions in ConferZoom get the following error:

There is no existing account available for you. To create your account, please log in to Zoom Meetings via your login portal and then return to this page. If you do not have the ability to log in via a portal, please contact your account administrator for assistance. If you have already logged in to Zoom Meetings via your portal and are still seeing this message, please ensure that the email address connected with your Zoom Meetings account matches the one configured for you in your LMS

I have personally checked and their email address in is their campus email address. Similarly in Canvas it is their campus email. However if we click on settings within ConferZoom within Canvas it lists a personal email address as the Identity Email Address. Speaking with the techs at Canvas they tell us the problem is with ConferZoom. ConferZoom tells us it is Canvas. We just need to know how we fix this problem. Does anyone know how we can fix this?

Thank you,

Brian Peters

Instructional Network/Computer Maintenance Technician

Victor Valley College

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