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Conference Access Problem for Students

I am having a couple of problems with FFT. For the past week, when conference invites were sent out and accounts created by students- when they access the course, click conferences, the live conference link doesn't show up. They've sent me screen shots to prove to me it wasn't there; however the other students had it, and I signed out and back in to check and it showed for me. This happened to two students yesterday and one on Thursday. Has anyone else experienced this? (I've attached the screen shot she sent me when we were in a live conference, and a screen shot I returned to her showing the view, I and everyone who got in the conference (13 people) had.) 

Secondly, the breakout rooms have been so glitchy to a point I hesitate to use them anymore. When the break out rooms end, many come back with mics/audio not working. Some sign out of Big Blue Button and sign back in and it works, others have not had success and have no audio for the rest of the conference.  

These conferences are our lifeline and I am beyond frustrated and full of anxiety- I have another one Tuesday and need some answers before then if possible. Any help MUCH appreciated!- Laurie

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