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Conference recordings are not available

I have recorded 2 conferences this week in Canvas.  The first one was recorded Tuesday and is still not available for viewing. I use this feature weekly and it has never taken more than 24 hours for the recording to render.  I was wondering if anyone else was having similar issues? Or does anyone know how to contact support for BigBlueButton? Any help is appreciated!  conference recordings #bigbluebutton

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I've been using Canvas for about 3 years and I'm also having the same problem. I've recorded 2 or 3 conferences and students are unable to playback. I sent and email to canvas support, and later submitted a help ticket. I received the " Due to the increased volume caused by Covid-19, response times may be longer than normal".

This is causing some disconnects and poor continuity in my student training.  Would appreciate a window of opportunity or at least a possible explanation as to why this is occurring.

Community Team
Community Team

Greetings  @bsaxton1  

BigBlueButton has let us know that they think they found the issue here and recordings should start appearing. Please let us know if they do not.

I just did a recording 2 days ago and it just showed up today.  I am using the free version, but we are considering web meetings.  Is this Canvas or Big Blue Button issue?  We are now leaning toward Zoom integration in Canvas.