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Contract Grading and Gradebook concerns

Contract grading folks:

What are your biggest peeves with Canvas and the grade book? I'm aware of two issues:

  • When you export a gradebook to save, the grades are changed to zero instead of complete/incomplete
  • Quizzes cannot be set to complete/incomplete, nor is there a "Do not count toward final grade" option. This means that if I assign even a single point value, it affects the student's running total and might give the impression they have 100% in the class despite having missing assignments. Assigning the quiz a total of 0 points would be confusing to me as a student.

Are there any other issues around contract grading and Canvas that are creating hurdles for folks? I really wish Canvas would keep contract grading in mind for the next patch/upgrade.

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This might be due to a lack of proficiency with Canvas, but I've been unable to find a way to make Canvas "calculate" students' grades using my grading contract. There should be some way to select that you're doing contract grading, and then you could enter in which assignments need to be complete for which grades, or how many assignments need to be marked as meeting an instructor-created criterion ("high pass" for example). Right now students have to count up assignments on their own.

I also hope they keep contract grading in mind when they do the next upgrade!

Thanks, Leslie! I can imagine several fixes, but I don't think the interface exists yet. Thanks for writing back 🙂