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Copy Files between courses like 'Copy To'/Direct Share

Hi All, we were pretty pleased with the Direct Share feature to copy content between courses and were promoting it as an alternative to the export/import tool.

However a user has stumped me today, she points out that the 'Copy To' feature only works on Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, Assignments (there may be others), but not Files! You can also do a Copy To of a Module and it does take the Files across, but you can't use this feature on Files alone, say from within the Modules area. It seems a bit weird - am I missing anything?

Thanks, Will


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HI @willmoin 

I don't think you have missed anything.  The new direct share/copy tool is for canvas activities and pages. It's great for sharing and copying those types of resources that couldn't otherwise be shared without using the export/import tool.  I'm not sure why Canvas didn't include files.