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Copy a question in a quiz

I want to include In a quiz I am building several similar questions. Can I create just one question, copy it, insert the copy into the same quiz and edit the copy? 

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I don't know of an easy way to do this directly in a quiz, but it is possible to copy questions between question banks.  So you might be able to create question in a question bank, copy it to another question bank, and then edit it there How do I move/copy a question from one question bank to another?  Repeat for as many variations of the question as you want.  The in the Quiz use the Find Questions button to import them from a Question Bank into the quiz 

While what I proposed should work I don't know if it's really more efficient than just creating your own additional variations of the question manually.


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Thank you very much, Rick.

I understand this (awkward) way but your message was quite valuable: it confirms that there is no other way.

By the way, I teach in two universities, and in one of them they use Blackboard which have a convenient way to do it. Also it has a direct option for partial credit in multiple choice questions while Canvas doesn’t.



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If you are in the bank in New Quizzes, you can click on the copy button 


Then the bank menu opens.  Click on Existing Bank AND keep a copy in this bank, and you can duplicate your question.


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Since I'm not a regular user of New Quizzes, I did some testing. It appears that when you create the original question you can add it to an item bank. Then, when you need to add it a second time, you click on the item bank and add the question from there.

I didn't need to make a copy into another bank. I added the same question multiple times and then did a preview of the exam and it worked.

Is there a problem with doing it this way that I'm not aware of? I know that Classic Quizzes had issues (at least at one point) when you tried to copy the same question into a quiz more than once.

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There is no problem doing it the way you did.  I just happen to have already written the question and it was in a bank, so I was going from that point of view!  Glad you found another way!

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The technique below works for Legacy / Classic Quizzes.

When I need to copy a question within a quiz, I go into the Developer Tools inside the browser (F12 for Chrome), look at the network traffic when I update the question, and the right click on the questions request and choose Replay XHR. The question are all named the same thing and you will have to reload the page before you can see the changes.

I just made a short video for you demonstrating how I do this. Unfortunately, the video service is unavailable right now and we're switching Community software in 2 days, so I cannot embed it in the post. Here is a link: How to Duplicate a New Legacy Quiz Question in Canvas - YouTube 

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