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Copy a question in new quiz format

As an elementary (4th grade) teacher, I use canvas for my task cards.  Therefore, the question is already on the card.  In the old quiz version, I could copy the question where all answer choices said A, B, C, D and did not have to retype them in each time.  All I had to do was change the image in the question (the actual card) and change the answer and done.  I can not figure out how to do this multiple choice within the new quiz format in canvas.  I added the generic question to the question bank but you can't change the question image without it changing in the bank each time.  Any suggestions??

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Hello .  I looked through the Instructor's Guide, and couldn't find the page to go along with the answer.  However, if you bank your question, you can copy your question and edit it in the bank.  The icon for the bank looks like a piggy bank.  The second icon (beside the pencil) is used to copy  


I hope this work around is helpful!

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