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Copy to Feature

When using the copy to feature, is it possible to only have published courses visible? Yesterday, the feature went from having only this year's courses to every course I have ever had assigned to me (there are like 25).

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Surveyor II

We noticed the same change yesterday. We're finding it difficult as well because each semester the courses are named the same "Chemistry - Smith" and so it's hard to know which one is which unless you change the course code to something like "Chem Spring 2021" to find it more easily.

It was much easier before this change. I would like to see it return to only showing published/favorite courses. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good evening, @skelly2 ...

It appears that Instructure is aware of the issue.  Check out the conversation at Update "Copy To" so Only Current Courses are Liste... - Canvas Community ... and specifically the response from Stefanie Sanders.

I hope this will be of help to you...thanks!