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Copying Late Policies

When copying a Canvas course, is there a way to copy the Late Policies set in the new gradebook as well? 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Dima,

We're doing an update as to outstanding requests for the New Gradebook. I've created a ticket for our engineering team to review. If any progress is made it will be included in an upcoming version of the release notes.



If I may make a polite suggestion, erinhallmark‌, it is that there should be warning screens galore about copying over a Late/Missing Policy IF the user is not using "adjust due dates" when doing a course copy.  (Or that the programming "knows" to not count existing assignments until the due dates are changed--especially if there is a "missing" policy in place--or else the gradebook will become a sea of red columns!  I hope that makes sense! Smiley Happy )

Hi, Ken,

Good note. Smiley Happy I know the team wants to make sure this option is configurable so I'll be sure to pass along the suggestion!



Is there an update to this "Copying Late Policies" topic? 

While the "Import Course Content" tool works very well to copy a previous course into a new course (i.e. a new semester or year), 1 item I've noticed that doesn't get copied is "Late Policies", which seems odd.  Every semester, I have to remember to go into every course and change from the default late policy, even though I already set this up in the course from which I'm copying.