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Could the students view the report from the outcomes analysis for an assessment in Quizzes.Next?

I have created a quiz by the use of Quizzes.Next. I have aligned it with learning outcomes. As a teacher I have access to the report from the outcomes analysis (as described here: How do I view reports for an assessment in Quizzes.Next?.

Although, it seems that the students don't get any report from the outcomes analysis, they only get the test score. For me it is important that the students see how they perform in accordance the learning outcomes. Is it possible that the student could get the report from the outcomes analysis? As there is many students this has to be generated automatically. 

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We are interested in this but not specifically for students to be able to see however that would be nice. We would just like to aggregate the results from all of the quizzes for the course as we assess the same outcomes on multiple tests. Due to it not populating the Learning Mastery Gradebook, that means we have to jump through each quiz and do the math ourselves to aggregate the data. Also if it populated the Mastery Gradebook then it would also populate the Student Outcomes report and show a student's mastery across all courses that outcome is assessed in. I'm hoping this is on the roadmap? 

The difficult part of this is if your outcome has multiple point options such as 3 points for meets and 5 points for exceeds, test questions would always be 5 points if they got it right or 0 if they got it wrong. Could this skew the results on outcomes in rubrics? Should individual test questions have the same weight as an assignment? Perhaps you tag 5 questions in a test with the outcome, should it represent 1 quiz and only the total comes over as a single "artifact"?