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Couldn't find valid settings for this link

I had created an assignment and used Submission Type: External Tool. 

I was presented with

External Tool Options
I had entered the URL, completed the assignment unit setup, saved, and then proceeded to click on the assignment post. I had received this error: Couldn't find valid settings for this link. 
However, the assignment would not allow me to get back in to Edit. Everytime I hit edit, I got that error message. Then I had to go on a lengthy, teacher determination, patient, click-here-click-there-click-everywhere, speed reading, hold back the screams journey to resolve this ridiculous problem. Of course thru any fix-a-problem journey, you discover & learn new things to that'll test your critical thinking skills. Nice but time is loss on the work that really needs to get done. 
In summary, I went into settings,
                    found the assignment in error,
                   clicked edit,
                   GOT IN, and
                   clicked: No Submission.
   But a lot of time loss!!!!
Why didn't Canvas allow me to edit from the Module/Assignment page rather than the Settings page??????????? 
WHY??? Smiley Sad 
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Community Team
Community Team

I'm sorry to see that no one has yet responded to your question. Instructors should be able to edit the details of an assignment either from the Modules or Assignments page, as well as by navigating to the assignment itself, so I am hopeful that this unfortunate experience hasn't recurred. If you still need help, please let us know.

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Stefanie, I see this as well. The OP's solution is very helpful.

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