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Course Announcements Disappear

I would like for course announcements to be scrolling, and never disappear. However, I have noticed that most of them disappear within a day or so. But some remain for months. There is no one else who would be deleting the messages. Is there possibly a setting that I can change? I am the admin at my school and have access to settings. Thanks in advance.

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Hi kelley.kaminsky@bvhs.org Thank You for your question.

I assume you are referring to course announcements, not global announcements?

This guide has step by step instructions on setting up Announcements https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10405-415250731 As far as dates go it has the option to delay an Announcement posting, but there is no end date. Therefore I'm a little confused as to why your announcements have different life spans unless there is someone else in your course who has editing rights.