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Surveyor II

Course Copy and Settings

Ahoy all,

Is a Course Copy that includes settings supposed to bring the dashboard image? 

I had thought my previous courses were doing including it, but I'm struggling to remember and it didn't come for the 4 courses I just copied. 

Blue skies,


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @s_greathouse 

Yes, copying Settings will keep the Course Card image, course Navigation settings, Feature options, Apps, and more.

This guide gives a better description of process inclusions and limitations: What is the Course Import Tool?


I hope this is helpful,


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Ahoy Kelley,

Many thanks. I thought so! In at least one case, that didn't happen. I specifically kept the course settings, but it still stripped the course card image. It didn't happen in all of them - I had a series of 4 to do in a row. I copy at least 4 every quarter.

I dislike anomalies in such cases! Maybe it was user error.

Fair winds.

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