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Course notifications

Can you receive course notifications via Facebook? 

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Yes, you can get course notifications through Facebook. You cannot turn off notifications completely when you are on and off on Facebook, but you can choose what you are notified about and how to notify you from Facebook. Can do the setting. However, you cannot completely turn off notifications. When you are using Facebook, push notifications are sent to you, which appear as notification notifications dots in the Facebook app. I think you will be able to get important course notifications through Facebook.

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Hello @SoonFreer ...

Out of curiosity, where are you able to connect Canvas with Facebook?  I checked with some of the Canvas Community Managers today, and they were not familiar with any current functionality that allows for this.  Connecting Facebook to Canvas may have been functionality several years ago, but it does not exist today.  If you could please provide some more detail for us, that would be helpful...thanks!