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Create a printable quiz/exam from Canvas quiz?

Is there a way to create a printable quiz in Canvas? I would like to use my database of test questions to create exams for use in my face-to-face classes, so I would like to know if there is a simple way to create a hard copy from a quiz created in Canvas. Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @ahimsel ,

This question arises fairly often.  I'll paste a response that  @Robbie_Grant  provided previously (printing quizzes) as it contains some good information.

"Printing the quiz really depends on what you are looking for.  You can use the print function from the browser to print it to a PDF file, but this is definitely not ideal if you are looking at printing something that can be handed out in class to take as a paper quiz.  There is a feature request out there asking for this functionality and I would also recommend that you look at the Priority: Quizzes.Next group."

If you do create a quiz and preview this, then click print and choose to print this as a PDF, it basically prints what you see on your screen.  It is ok as a backup, but questions can extend over a page and it is not formatted as nicely as you would expect if you were to build it directly in Word.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for that information.

In googling around, I found that Respondus is a program that can convert Campus-generated QTI zip files into Word documents. I downloaded a trial and have not yet been able to make it work. If anyone has suggestions for Respondus or any other programs capable of bridging the gap from Canvas to Word, please let me know. 

 @ahimsel , this resource might help you get the Respondus 4.0 integration up and running: Batch Uploading Quiz Questions with Respondus

Thanks for the information! Now that I figured out how to make the free Respondus LE program work, I won't need to purchase the full Respondus program.

Thanks, Adam! That was helpful. One thing to add to Denise's instructions: You need to "unzip" the folder in order to access the file. This can be confusing if you've used Respondus (the paid version, not LE), where you must upload the zipped file as a whole. But it works, and now I have a workaround that won't require purchasing the full Respondus program!