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Creating Assignments

I teach High School English and I wanted to create an assignment that is due on Friday, but that they start recording answers for on Mon.

What is the best way to create a document/assignment that would allow students to work on the document Mon, and then again on each day of the week, saving their info, until they submit on Thurs after class or Friday?

Here is an example of the layout for the document:

Starters Week 1

Each day you will have a "Starter" some teachers refer to them as "Bell Ringers."  Record the answers for your starters here, and turn the finished assignment in by the end of the week.  Sometimes, the information you need for the starter will be on this page and you can just fill it in.  At other times the information you need will be in the module or on a video, or it could be that we just ask you a random question and ask for your response.  Either way, record those answers on this assignment for each day.


Mon:    What word did you put on poll? _______________________________________


Tues:   _______________________________________________________________


Weds:   ___________________________________________________________


Thurs: _________________________________________________________

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good evening, @cassandra_lockl ...

I'm not sure that you'd be able to create anything online and have the data saved from day to day.  Would you be open to just creating a fillable form in either MS Word or as a PDF document?  You would then link to that file for students to download.  Students would fill out the document each day, and then they would submit it back to you as part of their assignement at the end of the day Thursday or on Friday.  Would that work for your needs?