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Creating LTI Developer Key

When I open the form the create a LTI Developer key for my application, there are 3 methods to select Manual Entry, Paste JSON, Enter URL and I cannot find anywhere an explanation about what the fields means or what values to enter.

Can someone provide an example on how to populate the fields, specially for Paste JSON and Enter URL methods.

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Community Coach,

Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

I went ahead and shared this question with the Canvas Admins‌ group.  Hopefully someone from that group will reach out to you.


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Navigator I'm testing an LTI Key now on our test instance for production deployment next week.  The first few steps are those shown in the Canvas Admin Guide:

The developers of the LTI 1.3 tool provided the Redirect URIs details and specified Manual Entry; they provided the values to fill in for #2 through #6. 

Settings important for my institution's tool, unfortunately not yet detailed in the Admin Guide, are in these LTI Key configuration sections:

  • Additional Settings 
    • Custom Fields would be any LTI Variable Substitutions needed for the tool to get additional information from its launch in Canvas.
    • Privacy Level:
      • PRIVATE is similar to "Anonymous" in classic LTI; PUBLIC is the same as the Public setting most commonly used by LTI tools.
  • Although this particular tool doesn't include any LTI Advantage services, I'm excited to work with that emerging set of standards in the future.
  • Placements 
    • This is what's especially cool about Canvas' LTI 1.3 implementation - rather than having to stay with what was specified when the LTI tool was originally configured, it's possible here to maintain many more placements (e.g. Link Selection, Module Menu, Assignment Selection) and even edit them later on.  This way, admins specify, granularly, exactly where in Canvas functionality this tool can appear and be used.  While placements are now centrally maintained in Canvas platform LTI 1.3 in just this one place, associating the tool with specific courses or sub-accounts should work much as it did before with LTI 1.1
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Thank you for the comments but the app I am developing will not make use of web browsers instead just JSON that's why I am looking for explanation about the other methods for the LTI key. It's a bummer the dev docs are so poorly written.

Highlighted, understood. Two quick thoughts for now:

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