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Creating Weekly Packets in Canvas

Hi Community,

Currently, my school is in the process of searching for a new LMS. The college is considering Canvas, which seems great in several ways.  My online courses are set up right now in weekly packets. This is one of the choices in Moodlerooms. Each week has a list of assignments using numbering. Is there an easy way to create these in Canvas that I am not clearly seeing? I do see modules, but I am currently not using modules for my courses. If anyone has insight regarding this matter, please let me know. If you need more explanation regarding this matter, let me know. I will attempt to explain this in a clearer manner.

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Hi Kona,

Thanks! I did not that I can use Modules. My only concern is that I want to write some text under the module. I am not sure if I saw the editor to do this. For example, I would like to write in a list format the assignments and links to access them. This might be possible. I wanted to do this without adding a whole page.

Thanks for all of the input regarding these questions. The current LMS allows us to see up any amount of packets, so I guess I will just use the modules even though I will not be running it in a module format.

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In the first example image that  @kona ​ posted, the one that has "Week 1, Week 2" with bullet points? That is a wikipage, or content page. When you click on the "Edit" button, it gives you a very similar rich text editing box like the one that I am typing in right now. That is where the options for bullet points and numbers will show up.

For a module, what I do is create a wikipage for the module (or week) introduction, and place it at the top of the module. In it I write out the plan for the week: what we will be doing, what longer project students should be working on, and what needs to be turned in that week. I also have videos at the beginning of each module to preview some content, but that is because the course is fully online.

Is that more along the lines of what you are thinking?