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Creating Weekly Packets in Canvas

Hi Community,

Currently, my school is in the process of searching for a new LMS. The college is considering Canvas, which seems great in several ways.  My online courses are set up right now in weekly packets. This is one of the choices in Moodlerooms. Each week has a list of assignments using numbering. Is there an easy way to create these in Canvas that I am not clearly seeing? I do see modules, but I am currently not using modules for my courses. If anyone has insight regarding this matter, please let me know. If you need more explanation regarding this matter, let me know. I will attempt to explain this in a clearer manner.

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In Canvas I've seen teachers use modules and use a naming convention by week, so module 1 would be "week 1" for example.  Within a Canvas module you can add homework assignments, discussions, tests, pages, files, external links etc.  These weekly modules can also have prerequisites, requirements for completion, and "block until certain date" features tied in to them.  I have a teacher from a school I work with that also teaches in Moodle, and this is how he creates a like experience in Canvas.  The students will log into your course, see everything they need for the week, and access that material, and then work through their "packet" in this manner.  Not sure if I'm answering your question, am I on the right path?

If you just type in the word "Modules" from the community homepage, there are also a number of guides available that explain the functionality a bit more.

Hi Hyrum,

I am aware of the module feature, but I want to make a list of assignments and did not see this. For example, in a list format, I want to list all of the assignment (using bullets or numbering) and have links to access these assignments using weeks. I appreciate your input a lot. I might want to show you what I mean since you might have a good recommendation. Again, I appreciate your feedback.

Deactivated user​, it sounds like what you want is more of a webpage with everything on it. Is this closer to what you are thinking of? If so, then you would create a "Home page" will all of the information and make it the first page students see.

Here's an example of how you could do something like what I think you're wanting using a Page (homepage).


For comparison purposes, here's how you could do pretty much the same thing, but using Modules.


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Hi Dailas,

Thanks! I might do this. What I liked about the packets were that you made some available. For example, in the beginning of the term, I just make the first three packets available so that the students do not get overwhelmed.

I use modules to do what you are describing, Mary, and the Canvas modules give you a lot of control over how students move through the course. For instance, you can require that students complete a prior module before starting a module. You can publish and unpublish modules. You can require students move through each item in a module sequentially, and you can require students to view, submit, or make a specific grade before being able to move forward in the course. You can hide the discussions, assignments, quizzes, files, and other items in the course navigation so that students must use modules to access course content.

Modules are great!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Students (and Instructors) also like how the due date for assignments show up in Modules (and are automatically updated!), as well as the total points possible for the assignment!

Hi Dailas,

I am glad you have the option to hide or show. These are the names that Moodlerooms (LMS) uses. I am now realizing in Canvas that the names are publish and unpublish are the same as the terms hide and show. When I first started using Canvas, I did not recognize the difference in these wording.

I do have a question regarding using the modules. I would like to list these assignments in a list format using numbering. I did not see an editor and a message box to describe week 1. Am I missing this? In other words, if I want to list my assignments for week 1 in a list format using links. I did not see the option to write a full description of these assignments. See an example below of what I am referring to regarding the description of week 1.

Week 1( I am using this instead of Module  1.)

For week 1, do the following assignments by 9 a.m., January, 20:

1. Do MML's homework.

2. Take Quiz 1 in MML.

3. Do Week 1 Online Text Problems.

You have it exactly right, Mary! Publish and unpublish are show and hide.

Thanks! I will definitely be using this feature.