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Cross Listed Sections....Different SIS ID numbers....Grades only upload to one SIS section

Each course I teach has two sections, "Live Section" and "Virtual Section" (Option given to parents due to COVID).

Anyway, I cross listed them so when I add/upload files, students in both sections would get the same assignments, and I would not have to upload new assignments twice.  It works great, no problem there.

BUT....when I sync grades......only the grades from the live section sync properly....because the two students I have in the virtual section have a different SIS ID now.

QUESTION:  Is there a way to sync grades to two different SIS I.D.'s from the same course?  Or would I just have to get the tech dept. to put those two virtual section kids back into the original SIS ID along with the live section kids?

We use powerschool SIS. 




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I have the same issue trying to sync to Synergy.


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