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Cross listed courses/sections aren't assigning to "Everyone" by default?

I have cross-linked several sections of the same class to my "master" 1st period class.  Shouldn't the Assign to Everyone tag all of those sections by default?  Canvas won't list more than 3 sections (which is ridiculous) in the list, and continuing to type 5 or more long strings every time I want to assign something is a real waste of time and effort.  I need help on this!  Support has given me the runaround through at least 8 people to do this simple task.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @tcallen , can you clarify your question and the issue you're running into? I've used cross listed sections for years (and I've usually had four, all of which show on the list) and "Everyone" was always the default, just as  @kona  explained earlier in this conversation and as is stated in the guide ("By default, Canvas will set your assignment dates for everyone in your course"); I never had to type any strings of any length to assign an activity to "Everyone." "Everyone" is defined as "every student enrolled in all of the sections that are cross listed in the course."

So do you intend to assign the same assignment with the same due dates to everyone (all students enrolled in all sections)? And if so, what is happening when you leave "Everyone" as the default?

As an aside, the Canvas nomenclature is "cross listed," not "cross-linked."

...and upon further experimentation, I see what you mean about only three sections showing up in the dropdown field...but having said that, there's a difference between sections that are created locally and sections that are created via SIS and cross listed by an admin. And, I didn't have to type too much to get the other sections to show up.

So, a follow-up question: How were your sections initially created, and how were they subsequently cross listed?

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All sections were created by SIS.  I added all appropriate ones to my 1st period "master" class where I want to create/assign all assignments. 

I did not see the assignment show up in the other sections when I assigned it to "Everyone" from my 1st period.  This is what has me vexed.  Since I have two sections for three of my 5 periods of the course, the drain that "Everyone" not meaning "Everyone" is more than I care to mess with.  For all of its faults, MyBigCampus made this process quite easy.  I keep hoping that Canvas does this easily, too, and that I am just not doing it correctly.  Another possibility is that the SIS admin need to set some pointers instead of me.

 @tcallen , different schools handle this in various ways--and I'm sorry that you're experiencing this problem, because it really should be easy. My school created multiple courses in Canvas via SIS that corresponded to the SIS sections and then, upon request, handled the cross listing of those courses/sections at the Admin level, which resulted in all of my sections residing in one umbrella course in Canvas. Once they completed the cross-listing process, I only had to add content to one Canvas course one time, and I was always able to allow the default Everyone setting to remain. Is it possible for you to double-check the process with your SIS admin?

And at the risk of muddying already-murky waters, have you seen this? How are courses and sections related?

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That linked document was very clear and helpful!  I have tried to get answers from local people, but they are learning, too.  We had a very short summer, and the move from MBC was not timed for our convenience at all.  We also just deployed Google SIS integration today, so it's no wonder that answers are in short supply. 

For now, I just want to be able to assign a quiz to all of my sections.  I made the linkages but cannot prove that they carry the assignment out from the parent section.  Canvas support was random and had too many handoffs to really get my specific situation addressed.  Ugh!

Thanks for continuing to try to help!

My sympathy,  @tcallen ​; the first days of a migration to a new learning platform are always fraught for everyone--but especially for a teacher who is trying to manage multiple sections and multiple periods. Without knowing the particulars of your school's setup I suspect the entire cross-listing process must be done at the (school) admin level rather than in your course settings, and I hope they are able to straighten this out for you.

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My real question now is whether or not my teacher-level patches should be able to function until/if the admin level stuff ever happens.

 @tcallen ​, for me, you're in uncharted territory with this. I'm going to tap in some of my fellow coaches as they can bring in their varied experiences across multiple institutions and systems:  @kona ​,  @chofer ​,  @James_Kocher_UF ​, awilliams​,  @Robbie_Grant , as well as  @James ​, who seems to possess a unique understanding of courses-sections-cross-listing--any ideas?

Sorry stefaniesanders...  we don't use "Sections" at our Technical College inside of Canvas.  Although we do have a small handful of courses that we cross-list, we don't use Sections.  All of our course shells in Canvas are created out of our Banner SIS.  Each course number has it's own shell, so Sections isn't something we utilize in Canvas.