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Curated Commons for an Account

I'm working on aligning all curriculum across our district. One thing I'd like to be able to do is share resources with each content area for each month (or quarter, etc) they can use with their students. I know the Commons can be filtered to show only district shared resources, but is there a way, or has anyone, come up with a good method of getting those items out to teachers other than an email?

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Community Member !  Our county developed our own course called Curriculum Portal.  The teachers were put in as students.  (They were first put in as teachers, and this caused issues.)  This course includes Teaching and Learning Maps, unwrapped standards, our state's standards and helpful documents,etc.  We also have a file for resources and a link so that teachers can upload ideas to share.

IF something needs to be shared -- like a common assessment, it is put out  as a test on Commons with a unique name (CCSD 7th RCD unit 2) or something like that.  We also have our county's icon on each test we put out.  Our teachers know to look here and what the nomenclature is.  

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