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Customising content for single student access.

Is it possible to create content that can only be seen by a single student? 

I need to provide and track access to information for individual students within a larger group. Is this possible?

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Community Coach

Hi Andrew - Will students submit activities with this content, or are the items you hope to track view-only?

Hi Kirsten, all I really need to know is if they've accessed the content.

all the best

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Canvas does not make it easy to deliver content to a single student.

If you have the same item but with individual content, it may be easier to set up an external tool (LTI) to deliver the content. As part of the call to an LTI, you can include the information about who is viewing it. That could be used to pull information from an external database if desired. Canvas could track who opened the LTI or the external tool itself could track it. This could be a graded assignment where the LTI passes a grade back indicating that the student had viewed the information. Then you could just look in the gradebook to see who had completed it.

You could create and upload a file with the appropriate information for each student and then provide them with the link to the file through a Canvas message or an external email. Once the student views the file, it would show up in the access report for the student.

To individualize content without using any external items, you could create an assignment and then use differentiated assignments to assign it to just one person. If you have 20 people you need to do this for, you would need to need to create 20 assignments and then go into each one and assign it to just one person. That would create 20 assignments in the gradebook unless you make the assignment type "non-graded." That rules it out for most people, which is part of why I said Canvas doesn't make it easy.

Non-graded assignments have potential here. I have used non-graded assignments as a content page that can be assigned to specific individuals, groups, or sections and can be scheduled. There is no submission capability with non-graded assignments and the only way for the student to get rid of it is to mark it off the calendar or for the available until date to pass. Since there is no grade in the gradebook, you would need to look at the access report to see if they have accessed it. It may show up on the analytics page, I'm not sure.