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Customize Body of Automated Email Notifcations

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Is it possible to customize the body of the automatically generated emails/notifications that are sent to users? Subject lines of emails below are the ones I'm looking to customize or change the wording:

-"You are Enrolled: (course name)"

-"Assignment Graded: (course name)"

-"Congratulations on Successfully completing (course name)"

Note - I have seen that it's possible to customize the header and footer, but that's not what I'm trying to change.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


At this time this is not possible, there are a number of feature ideas that have come up over the years that I can link you to including:

Generally I would say that with time, things can change, however the most recent feature idea was only 9 months ago (the first one above) and it did not garner enough votes to put on the current roadmap.

That is not to say in time there isn't benefit in logging this as a feature idea again, but I do think it would need someone who will be a strong advocate and champion for the feature idea to help garner support.

I hope that helps!