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Dashboard problems

How can I get the dashboard to remember my preferences.  I chose the classes I wanted to show, and unclicked those I didn't want.  Now I'm logging in and the dashboard has all the classes again.   What do I need to do to keep my preferences throughout my devices and each time I log in.  I don't want to have to keep clicking and unclicking my favorites every time I log in.

Also, the scroll bar is too thin and it's hard to get it just right to scroll down smoothly.  It seems unnecessary when there is a lot of white space on the screen.

Thank you,

Xiomara Rayo

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @xiomara_rayo ​...

Have you tried using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?  Also, in the browser you are using, have you tried clearing your cache/temporary internet files, closing down the browser, re-starting the browser, and then logging in to Canvas again to see if your preferences "stuck"?  Give these couple things a try, and come back here to let us know if you're still having any issues...thanks!


Ok, so I have been using chrome from the beginning and after I wrote to you guys here, it then worked and kept my favorites on the dashboard, but only for a few weeks.  I turned on my computer, logged in to canvas, and what do you know, my preferences weren't there any more on any of my devices.  So, I've given trying to choose which classes to show on the dashboard because it only works for a while, and then it's back to square one.


 @xiomara_rayo , have you tried contacting Canvas Support? They might be in a better position to see what the problem is and what can be done to fix it. To contact support click on the Help link (bottom left) and "Report a Problem." Then make sure to explain what's been going on and feel free to include the link to this conversation.


Hi  @xiomara_rayo ​,

A faculty member at my college was having the same issue with her favorites! She would get her favorites all set on the Canvas website and in the Canvas app, then it would revert back to showing all courses instead of her selections. Right now her favorites are being remembered on the Canvas website, but the app is still not working. After some back and forth with support, they discovered it was a bug with the App. Here was their response to me:

     "Hello! Currently there is an open issue where favorited web courses do not match in Canvas App. I've gone ahead and escalated this. We will update      you when there is a fix for this in the app."

We're still waiting for a fix, but hopefully it will be soon Smiley Happy. If you file a ticket with Canvas support, you can request to be added to the current escalated ticket to receive notification when the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps!



 @sgriffith ​, your post jogged my memory, and I realized that  @James ​ posted something about that app bug recently in the comments section of a feature idea. Would you be willing to share the case number for your support ticket so others who might be inclined to submit support tickets of their own can reference it?

Absolutely! The Case number is 01363534.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sgriffith ​,

We are also getting reports from users of an issue with the app not saving preferences.  Here is our ticket number:


Have you received and update form Support?


Hi  @Robbie_Grant ,

I haven't heard anything from Canvas support since they marked it as a bug.  My ticket is currently stagnating in the "on hold" list in Canvas Cases, patiently waiting for a fix...

 @sgriffith ​,

Our ticket was marked as solved on August 9, 2016.