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De-Cross listing Courses with Grades and Submissions

I have a teacher that has cross listed 6 courses into a parent course.  She also has 3 course sections created as well.  She would like to de-cross list her courses.  She has already been active in the parent course for a semester.  I told her to copy her course to commons and export her grades.  When it's time to de-cross list do I need to remove students from the courses?  Should I have the teacher import her content from Commons into the courses before I de-cross list so it doesn't overwhelm the teacher to see a blank course? The last time I de-cross listed it was very complicated.  I've reviewed the guides on how to de-cross list and it seems straight forward, but nothing ever seems to be that easy.  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

When you de-cross list NO STUDENT DATA will move over to the other courses.  In essence it will be lost; all grades, submissions, discussion posts, etc from all students in the sections being de-cross listed.  In reality the data is still in the course but once you remove the students from the course you can't access it anymore.  To me this seems a bit scary to do on a course that has already been used for a significant amount of time.

If you are going to move ahead you could use commons to replicate the content into the previously unused courses, or simply go into each of those courses and Import the course content.  Given you are talking about 6, using Commons might be more efficient since you can select all 6 at once to import the content.


So we de-cross listed this weekend and it seems to have worked.  Crossing my fingers that there are no problems.  I prepared a video on how to prepare for a de-crosslistig, i.e. exporting course to Commons and exporting grades and downloading submissions. 

Surveyor II

I'd like to cross list a section to two courses I have but ONLY to set up the modules, pages, syllabus, assignments, and assignment weights. I don't mind working on individual sections once the shell has been set up the way I'd like and plan to de-cross list the sections before publishing anything.

I fear that my changes may not travel with the sections that have been unlinked. Will the pages, assignment content and all but student data (which there will be none) be retained in each section after de-cross listing them?


Hi @LDanielMCC 

Cross listing is only for moving enrolled students.  It will not copy or move content and activities. It is used to combine the enrollments of two or more courses into one. 

You'd be best to set up the first course, then import that content into the second.


Surveyor II

I see. Thank you so much for your response.

I have used importing, but the assignment due dates have to be configured for each section.  I thought I could create the assignment once then add section due dates as each assignment is created if the courses were cross listed.