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Delayed Posting of Calendar Event: Is It Possible in Canvas?

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I'd like to populate the Canvas Calendar for my course at the beginning of each week and then make the Events visible to student at the beginning of each day, but it seems Events can only be posted immediately. Aside from creating Events in a separate document and copying and pasting each morning, is there a way to delay the post?

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The issue is that I was hoping to use my Calendar as an agenda for that week's work, with daily Calendar links to assignments and assessments as a way to chunk the weekly workload now that we are online full time. That takes some time to set up, and I didn't want things to go live until a particular (inconvenient for me) time each week. Because Calendar Events post immediately, I can't do this.

My work around was to have a link to an Announcement, and nothing more, in each day's Calendar Event. I can then set up the Announcements and delay their availability to students. It would just be nice to do this directly in the Calendar Events (complete them in Canvas but have them post later).