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Delete duplicate assignments in grades

I have module assignments duplicated in my gradebook and can't figure out how to get rid of the duplicates.  Does anyone know how?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @lzane  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Bummer, and tedious to fix.

Go to the Assignments page to identify the duplicates and delete or unpublish them from there. What I do is.............

  • Unpublish all assignments under the Assignments index page,
  • Go to Module and publish all assignments in the Modules,
  • Go back to the Assignments page and delete any that are still unpublished - those are the duplicates.

Problem is, that you might have had students submitting to both copies of an assignment. Canvas will not let you unpublish any assignment with a submission. This is where it can get tedious, because you will need to manually move scores into the version you want to keep. Identifying duplicates is really best done before students start using the course.

I hope this helps,