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Deleting a group set: consequences

If I have a group set and an assignment or graded discussion was linked to it, students submitted and were graded, and then I delete the group set, what if anything happens to the assignment/discussion and the grades?

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.Hello, .  According to this request, , if you delete the group, you also delete any work that was with that group.  Why not try to deactivate the group instead: 

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Community Team
Community Team‌, deleting a group set associated with a group discussion will delete the work and the grades. It's not possible to deactivate a Canvas group. Could you explain more about the circumstances requiring deletion of this group set? 


This is interesting because I tested in a sandbox course today with a friend who is in the course as a student.  I deleted his group set but his discussion grade is still in the gradebook.  I created the discussion in the course discussions, not the group's area.  His reply to the discussion is gone, but the grade is there.  However, I'm always worried about advising anyone to delete things because of the danger of losing grades.

I'm asking because a faculty member asked me for advice about how he was thinking of creating discussions in the fall (if we are forced to go back online).  In face-to-face classes, he usually has students doing 2 group discussions per week, but he changes the group membership.  If he has graded assignments attached, then he would need to create a new discussion set for every single course discussion.  That would potentially equal 24 group sets (I don't even know if you can create than many group sets in a single course!) that students would have to sort through by the end of the semester.  Even though we are advising him that in the online course dynamic, students need to have less changeable membership in groups to get the same level of social interaction and comfort with each other, so therefore he will probably have fewer group sets, he could still end up with 8-12. 

To keep things less cluttered, I wanted to know if it would be feasible for him to delete some of the older group sets.

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