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Deleting an email address in Settings

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In setting up my account, I put in an email account that I would like to delete.  How do I go about deleting an email address in Settings?   Thank you.

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And if for some reason the unwanted address was added by your school and they disallow deletion, you can click on the Notifications link on the left of the Settings page to deactivate emails to that address.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


If you take a look at this video, ​, you will see at about the 4 min 43 second mark, it describes how to add an e-mail address to your profile in "Settings".  Once the e-mail address is added, there should be a trash can icon next to the e-mail address if you want to delete it (as shown in the video).

Hope this helps!

Hi Chris,  Thank you for the information.  I did not find a trash can next to the email address that I would like to delete.  I clicked on Edit Settings thinking that would let me make the change.  Have you deleted an email address?   Thank you again for your help.


Yes, I have been able to delete an additional e-mail address that I added to my profile.  Are you trying to delete the default e-mail address associated with your account or an additional e-mail address you added later on?  Also, not really sure that this would matter, but are you using Internet Explorer?  Have you tried deleting the e-mail address using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead?  You'll typically have a much better browsing experience using one of those two browsers.  Just trying to eliminate some possibilities for you.  Please report back...thanks.

Thank you, Chris, for all your help.  I am trying to delete an email address that I added when setting up Canvas.  I am going through Explorer - Windows 10.  I also tried to go through Safari.   Thank you for for the suggestions. 

Hi Carolyn,

I'd like to recommend that if you are continuing to have these issues, it would be great to have you submit a support ticket and have it escalated to our Canvas Support team so that they can help you troubleshoot this issue, it my prove to be quicker.

Thank you, Clint, for the suggestion. 

Hey Carolyn,

I just wanted to point out that something will be coming out in the next release regarding updating email addresses, doesn't necessarily deal with deleting, but thought I'd pass this along:


User Default Email Edits

The default email field for a Canvas user can be edited by a Canvas admin. This change allows admin to manage email addresses that may affect the account setup process for new users.


This change resolves a fixed bug in Canvas:

Explanation: When an admin created or added a new user to the account, users whose email addresses were entered incorrectly were not able to create their account. This behavior occurred because if the admin masqueraded as the user, the administrator could not edit the address because it had not yet been confirmed. Canvas code has been updated to allow admins to edit default email addresses for account users.

Community Coach
Community Coach​, were you ever able to get your email address deleted? Are you still having problems with this?

Community Team
Community Team​, since we haven't heard back from you, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered." The discussion remains open for participation, and anyone can feel free to provide additional commentary.