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Deleting class groups from prior classes

How do I delete old groups that I was assigned to from prior classes?  I have some groups that are still on there from 3 semesters ago, and they didn't clear when the class was closed.  There is no button to chose to stop "following" these groups.  Some of the groups I was assigned to by the instructor, and others were group project discussion groups.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello Deactivated user...

I am sorry to see that your question has been sitting here in the Canvas Community without a response for so long.  I wanted to check in with you, however, to see if this still an outstanding issue for you.  Or, has this been resolved?  In chatting with awilliams‌, this sounds like an issue you may need to work with someone at your school on (such as your instructor or someone at your school's Online Learning department).  It is a bit difficult to diagnose this problem here in the Canvas Community because this website has many people from around the world, but the majority of us wouldn't have access to your school's Canvas environment to help troubleshoot this.  Hopefully by now, this has been resolved, but if it hasn't, please do let us know by posting a message below.  Thanks...and looking forward to hearing from you.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello once again, Deactivated user.  I am checking in again with you on your question.  Since we have not heard from you and since there hasn't been any new activity in this topic for quite some time, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered".  However, this won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions or comments below that are related to this topic.  I hope that's alright with you.

Hey Chris! I am thinking that unless he is pursuing his Masters or Doctorate, we might be just a tad bit late for helping him out (3 years ago?).

Shame this one got missed though!

I really appreciate your efforts to find these, and restore them to the light of day!