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Deleting emails from "Ways to Log In"

I created a free Canvas Instructor account for our School of Clinical Laboratory Science program and when it was set up, my other instructors were added to "Ways to Log In".  This was meant to give them a chance to explore the account before having to make their own accounts.  We have decided to move forward with using this, but they need their own accounts for all their courses they are in charge of.

Having their email tied to the main user account (my account) prevents them from creating their own account with their email address for their own "Teacher" account.  How do I delete them off of "Ways to Log In" so they can create their own account with a "Teacher" role?

They have been deleted off "Ways to Contact Me", but there is no way to edit "Ways to Log In".

I have already contacted Canvas support and since I am using the free teacher version, they will only help if it is for one of four issues, which this is not.  The only other thing I can think to do is to completely delete this account (which is one of the four issues) and start over unless someone knows how to fix this.  


Thank You

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