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Deleting files in previous courses

Can I delete files in previous canvas courses? I teach in semesters, and I'm trying to modify items in last semester's course. None of the typical instructor buttons seem to be live for a previous course, and I would like to delete an old answer key to a review. I can see everything in the previous course, I just can't change anything. Thanks for your help! 

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Community Coach

 @kclements1 ‌,

Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

It sounds like the dates of that course for Teachers has passed.  It is now is "read-only" mode so you will not be able to make changes to the course.  You can copy that course into another shell and then make changes.


Thank you- I am assuming students can still access this course for this school year, and I need to make an answer key  file invisible to them. Is there any way to do this now? 

The issue with this is that files for closed/previous course seem to still be counted towards our overall storage. I have a video file in two of my previous courses that I would like to delete so I have storage again, but I cannot find any way to do so.

It is not clear for instructors that previous course content will count towards their overall storage use.

Any help would be appreciated.