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Designing a Course

I am trying to build a course and am unsuccessful.  I have a few questions with sorting the data.  My instructor is unwilling to assist. 

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Hello fernlscott@email.arizona.edu 

Typically, Canvas courses are not built by students. This requires a teacher role or equivalent. I am unsure from your wording if you are trying to build the course in Canvas. But let's get you at least some help........

  • First you will need an empty Canvas shell. Many schools including my own, do not let faculty create new course shells in Canvas, so you will need to ask the Canvas Admin at your school.
  • You will need to be enrolled in that course shell as a teacher or instructional Designer. Again, you will likely need the help of your Canvas Admin.
  • This video can be a helpful start  
  • Also, the Canvas Basics Guide can be very useful for getting started.

If I have misunderstood what you are asking for, let me know.