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Did Canvas change importing QTIs? My teachers can no longer import as classic quiz.

I am a Canvas Admin . I have a teacher trying to import a Test Bank QTI.  He has been doing this all year as a Classic Quizzes.  When he tried this weekend, it created a strange Assignment that is automatically choosing External Tool.  When he puts a date, it goes into a New Quiz format, but does not actually include any of the questions he imported.

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Learner II

It seems that New Quizzes Importing feature option was enabled in production recently. I can't find any mention of it in any release notes, so am waiting on Instructure to explain this. If you want to disable it, go to the root account Settings > Feature options and click the green check to disable it.

Adventurer III

@cdoherty That was our assessment as well -- we were caught by surprise on that one. Usually the updates are really good at keeping this stuff turned off. Once we discovered this option we reverted back and all went back to what we were accustom to seeing.