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Did I miss the Late Work penalty feature changing to whole numbers?

Okay, I was looking over grades and having an uneasy feeling about certain grades "looking wrong," and I went to check the Settings and saw that no late work was being penalized.  I was unhappy because I (thought I had) previously set all late work to be penalized at 0.5% per hour (writing assignments, community college, etc), and now I don't have the option to set it in the form of a decimal or fraction.  I USED to be able to do this as recently as last semester.  Did I miss the memo, or is there a trick involved that I have seemingly forgotten?

UPDATE: checking against other current Canvas shells, and the 0.5% penalty IS active in those other sections.  I dare not try changing those right now, as that would mess a lot of folks up if I couldn't go back to that level.  The workaround in the one "whole number" shell is to cut everyone's late hours tally by 50%, which has the same net effect but is very cumbersome to execute.

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Someone definitely made it difficult to enter a decimal percentage. I don't know why or when. In the database, the late_submission_minimum_percent is a decimal with a (5,2) precision, allowing for up to 2 decimal places. The code also explicitly says 0.0 not 0, in places for that, so it seems that Canvas expected to handle decimals there. 

I would contact support and see what they have to say. There are other issues going on with Chrome and entering values that are messed up right not (like the ability to enter a space in certain locations), so it may be a bug.

I eventually found that if I entered a number like 15, then I could go back and put a decimal point in-between. Then I could backspace over the 1 and it became a 0. It left me with 0.5.

This issue precludes people from entering decimals on the per-day as well, and if you want to take off 12.5% per day, there's no way to do that.


My first thought was "browser."  So I switched from Brave to Chrome, but it made no difference.  I may try Firefox to see what's what.  It just strikes me as very odd, since I have other shells in this term that allow decimals, but not this one.,