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Different Assignment Due Dates for Hybrid Groups?

I am teaching hybrid classes this fall. Each of my class sections will be divided into two subgroups, and I will have a different assignment schedule for each subgroup based on the day they meet me in the classroom. I have divided them into Groups using the People tab on Canvas. Is there a way I can select different assignment due dates for these subgroups? Right now it only offers me the option to assign due dates by formal section, and these subgroups are in the same section. Thank you.

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I'm having the same issue and because my classes sync from my school district's SIS, I cannot create individual sections of A/B students like Canvas suggests we do. I also cannot type individual student names in every time I give an assignment. I very much hope this functionality is added to all aspects of Canvas including assignments and quizzes.

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#eleavell is correct.  Creating non-SIS Sections in Canvas will cause an issue with the SIS sync.  Not a good way to go.  Adjusting Assignment dates wide enough to include both Hybrid Groups may be the simplest answer although it is not ideal.  Duplicating an assignment for all of the Hybrid groups will cause Grades to see multiple entries for the same assignment.  If Canvas can accelerate a road-map request to allow individual grading and assignments and quizzes to be issued to Groups, this seems to be the best possible solution.  What is the time line on such an implementation?

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