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Difficulties Uploading MP4 Videos

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I have a teacher that has uploaded videos (.mp4) and it still says...

"Media is currently being converted, please try again in a little bit"

Anyone have experience with this?  She did say the videos were very old.

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I posted this in the other thread (Problem using media upload) as well:

 @r_v_jones , I have never used Panopto--but have you had a look at this? Adding Panopto and Recordings to Your Canvas Course | Panopto Support  From what I've read there, it looks like you can bypass the Canvas media upload tool altogether and instead create a new Panopto embed icon in the RCE via a Canvas-Panopto integration at the account level: Panopto and Canvas Configuration | Panopto Support

HI stefaniesanders

We are usign the Panopto menu option on some courses, however it is not suitable for all use cases.

We are not using the Panopto embed icon for the same reason.

We are quite simply trying to upload the mp3 / mp4 to Canvas

Steps we are taking are

  1. download the mp3 / mp4 file from panopto
  2. navigate to the canvas course you want it to appear in
  3. navigate to page
  4. edit the page and select the Canvas media upload
  5. identify file and click upload

We are then left with the following

mp3 and mp4.png

Hope this helps


I don't think it's an issue purely caused by Panopto.

I also experienced this with the MOV file being uploaded to assignment. It's kind of frustrated.

It might not be a long-term solution to request Canvas to fix every single media file that submitted by students. It's no point to ask the teachers to wait for fixing while they have to watch the media file and grade the assignments.

Hope there will be a fixing soon.

It definitely is not an issue only caused by Panopto.  For example, I had the problem a couple of times trying to record a short "TEST-1-2-3-4" video right from the RCE.

I've been having this problem with a .mov file as well. I have deleted and re-uploaded several times (last time was 3 days ago) with no luck. I have submitted a ticket, but it is very frustrating.

It is not a Panopto problem it happens in the assignment tool, discussion tool, anywhere you have the Rich Text Editor and want to make a video with the Canvas media recorder tool. It is the Canvas media recorder tool that isn't working. We have a foreign language instructor who has students make recordings with the tool to check fluency. The students record and sometimes they get a video out of it but sometimes it dies after they hit the stop and save. At that point there is no getting it back, it is gone and the student has to re-record. This is an issue and we don't like having to tell faculty or students, sorry it is gone, record it again. We are submitting a ticket and hoping there is enough detail for the Canvas folks to figure out at least some of the criteria you must have to get the Canvas media recorder to save your video consistently.


Yeah, on the student submission side of things for now due to the unreliability of RCE recorded videos being saved, we have had to advise students to create their videos using QuickTime on Mac's and Screencastify on Windows/Chromebooks. This way if the upload doesn't work they at least haven't lost their work.

We had a great example for the Instructure folks to look at and in ten minutes they responded to our ticket. The student didn't have their microphone turned on. Apparently this is a common issue and I agree that the controls to turn on your mic and video camera are small and potentially hard to tell if you hit the allow button and it is working; but it is user error not the tool itself. I think in our documentation for faculty and students we should emphasize turning these on and making sure they are on so students and faculty are successful the first time out.


It is now 2021 and I encountered this problem again.

What made it worse in my case are

1) I am not trying to upload a media file. I couldn't open or download a student submission to mark it; 

2) I reported the problem and got a reply through email that "Canvas Support has seen such a large increase in volume that we are no longer able to provide support for all Free For Teacher help requests."

What do I do now?



This "Media is currently being converted, please try again in a little bit" problem is also occurring with PDFs.  The file is there, but the preview does not work.  Currently this seems to happen when a file is added via "Files" or as a new file from a module.  For a couple of colleagues and I things seems to work if the file is added directly to a page.