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Direct video response on discussion board?

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Is there a way for a student to do a video reply to a discussion post directly in the discussion board without the hassle of making the video in another location/app and embedding it in the post?

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Can they do it from their phone via the Canvas App?


I'm not sure about the Android app, but I can tell you that the answer is "yes" for those with the Canvas Student app for iOS.  If you take a look at this Guide, How do I reply to a discussion in the Student app on my iOS device?, there is an illustration in that Guide about half-way down where students would tap on the red camera icon.  After tapping on that icon, you get the following options (add inline media):

  • Choose from Library...
  • Take Photo or Video...
  • Record Audio...
  • Cancel

I was able to successfully record a short video (2nd option) and post it.  Also, students could first create/record a video on their phone (prior to using the app), and then choose from their photo library (1st option).

This is the Guide for Android users: ... but since I don't own an Android phone, I'm not sure if the same capabilities are present on the Canvas Student app for those kinds of phones.

I hope this information is helpful to you, Heather!


Well, it looks like the steps to record a video on iOS devices has changed slightly since I first posted this reply to you.  Today, Instructure released version 6.1.1 of their iOS app, Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.1).  So, when students are in the app, they will go to the Discussion topic, and then tap on the "Reply" button.  Then, tap on the paper clip icon on the top right corner of the app.  Next, tap on the "+" icon, and you'll be presented with the following options:

  • Record Audio
  • Use Camera
  • Upload File
  • Choose From Library
  • Cancel

If you "Use Camera", you can then take a still photo or record a video to post to the topic.

Thank you  - that's great! I tested it in ios - does anyone know if it works the same way in android?

Heather, I'm writing this 2.25 years after you asked, and I've been looking for an answer to the same question.  Unfortunately, no, it doesn't.  I suppose an Android user would have to record a video file outside of the app, and then attach that file to their comment.

Hi Kona,

The guide is now missing. I could not find anything comparable related to posting a video response in the current student guides.

Would you happen to have a direct link? Thank you!