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Discussions and students to do list

I have created a weekly discussion for students to seek help and say hello from home.  I have added a to do by date and an open and close date for the week relating to the discussion.  Question.  These discussions are not showing in students to do list/due list.  How do I get these to show up for students to use?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @alison_spruce  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

Great idea!

Dare I ask - have you published the discussion and the course? I've been caught out with that before. 

Thanks for your reply.

I have published the discussion, we've unpublished the course till term 2, but other discussions are still showing in the to do list on student view that relate to modules.

I did these discussions by themselves for students to touch base with me each week.

Mrs Alison Spruce

Grade 4A