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Learner II

Do you disable graduates at the end of each school year? If so, how?

I just finished my first year of using Canvas - both as an instructor as an admin.  Yay!  Anyway, I try do "housekeeping" and organizing when I can.  We have lots of students over the years in the school who have duplicate names.  Anyway, I was thinking of doing a batch update of these users (who are 12th graders who just graduated) and renaming them by adding "DISABLE" in front of their names.  This is usually what I do for teachers and students who are no longer in the school anyway.  But instead of doing it manually one at a time, I would do a batch update.  Would the user id batch update be the best way to go?  Or, should I do something else such as change sis_id or change logins?  Thanks!




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