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Document Scroll Bar Disable in Speedgrader

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When adding comments to papers in Speedgrader, for some reason, the scroll bar is disabled (see image below).

Screenshot of Speedgrader with scroll bar disabled.

After I insert a comment, I can not longer view the left side of the file.  To restore the full view, I have to either reload the file OR enter full screen mode (upon returning from full screen mode, the view is restored).   The scroll bar functions correctly in full screen mode (but the rubric is not visible in this mode). Did something change in the last update?  I have tried different browsers with the same result.

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Hi Chris - The problem seems to have disappeared... so I assume that it was corrected.  Thanks for checking.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi, a couple individuals have noticed the extra scroll bars (see Speedgrader slider trouble).  It would be interesting to know more about how this occurred, but in testing I did find out that if I add a comment to the document, the screen appears "stuck" with the view you show above. However, at least for me, if I go to the very bottom of the document (the first two scroll bars are as far down as possible), then I can see a horizontal scroll bar that allows me to move the document back into view.  After moving back once the same problem doesn't seem to occur with subsequent annotations.  Does this work for you as well? 

Thanks Eric,

After playing with the 3 vertical scroll bars, I found that if I scroll the middle bar all the way down the horizontal scroll bars are now visible.  Although now mark-up menu is not visible.   For me, it still occurs for subsequent annotations, however it is workable.  I am surprised the display doesn't auto-adjust.

Yes, I see what you mean Dana.  I just finished grading a series of papers and curiously, sometimes the problem existed in subsequent annotations and other times it did not.  I did find myself scrolling quite a bit either up to the top of the page to reach the annotation tools or to the bottom of the page to reach the horizontal scroll bar.  Everything worked, but it would be interesting to learn more about the origin of the three scroll bars.

All the best!

I'm also having this problem, and it slows me down so much that I've abandoned Speedgrader and am giving feedback on Word instead. Can this bug be fixed? For me, too, it just started happening last week.

FYI,, and, I contacted Canvas support about this and have been communicating back and forth with them the last couple of days.  They have had difficulty replicating what I described and have asked that I clear my browser cache completely and try again.  I did this in both Firefox and Chrome without luck.  I'll keep everyone updated on what I learn.

Thanks, Eric. I think this is a PC issue - my friend with a Mac isn't having this problem. ericwerth 

And - one possible work-around is to use full-screen mode while you're annotating an assignment.

Thanks for the suggestions!  I would be interested in knowing how wide-spread this issue is currently.  When I called Support they indicated that they hadn't received any other reports.

A couple of instructors contact me about this. One said that she was going to call support and the other thought it might be resolved. 

Vicky @ JWCC