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Does Big Blue Button work on an iPad?


I have a Chemistry faculty member that would like to use conferences for their office hours. They need to write out Chemistry problems so they want to use their ipad running ios 12.2 and their pen. Big Blue opens fine but the pen doesn't work. There is a pink dot but it doesn't capture anything on the screen. When they write with their finger same thing, you see a pink dot (contact I guess) but nothing transfers to the screen.

Can we use an iPad and be able to write on the screen? If no other options for those that need to write out problems on the white board?

Thank you,

Karen Matson

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Community Coach
Community Coach, greetings! I'm sorry that your question has sat here for so long without a response. I'm not sure if you ever figured out an answer to this question, but I've shared this with‌ who is an expert on Big Blue Button. 

Hope Fred can help! Kona


Hi Kona,

We've done a lot of work on Canvas Conferences (BigBlueButton) over the summer/fall.  Could we ask that you do a quick test again and let us know if it works.

I just tried it on my iPad and the drawing is working.


Regards,... Fred


BigBlueButton Developer

(I also moonlight as the CEO of Blindside Networks)


Do you know if i am able to use my ipad and computer together with BBB? such as use my ipad to write on the whiteboard but use my computer to monitor?