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Does anyone have an idea of how they use blogs or journals with canvas?

I was looking for ideas of how people are connecting blogs and journals for their class in canvas.

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Community Coach

 @darmstrong ​, for your question do you mean using built in Canvas features or using other third party solutions? Also, since there really isn't a right or wrong answer for this would it be ok if I switched this over to a discussion? That way the conversation can be continued without anyone looking for a right answer.


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Hi Kona,

For my question, I actually was wondering about both canvas features and a third party solution. It is fine to switch to a discussion. Thank you so much for the support! Smiley Happy

Very good! I'll get it switched! 🙂

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David, you could use the ePortfolio in Canvas for the journal and a third party solution for the blog.  We have used the ePortfolio for first year modern languages students to keep a reflective learning diary which they have been sharing with their personal tutor throughout this academic year.  We have used a third party solution for the blog.  You may be interested in the collection of postings for the idea

Hi Catherine, thank you so much for the suggestion. I will make that suggestion to the faculty.

David, I thought you might be interested in an update to my reply to you in July.  The academic I was working with has been in touch with me to say that second year language students will be using their ePortfolio as a learning diary in their first and following intercultural seminars as they prepare for their year abroad.  It was useful carrying out the ePortfolio sessions at the start of their first year and the academic has stated that 'it has offered unexpected positive oppotunities for student development.'



Canvas does not have a blog or journaling tool  - i am planning  to use Campus pack (despite some functionality limitations)

see  Campus pack and canvas -

see also  *A proper wiki tool for Canvas and A proper journal or blog tool for Canvas

UPDATE 12 APril 2015

I have now got Campus Pack set up in Canvas and can use it for individual / group wikis and blogs - whether freeform or templated.

Only downside for now is fact Canvas groups not recognised by campus pack but the work around works ok

see my recent update at Campus pack and canvas -

Community Team
Community Team

I just watched a video --part of the Canvas FastTrack Series by  @lstark --that shows how to leverage Canvas Groups to create a graded journaling activity for students. It's a nifty and simple solution: have a look! Canvas FastTrack - Let’s Start a Journal - YouTube

I was just searching for an answer to David's question for my own course and found this discussion. I'm going with your suggestion, Stefanie, to use  @lstark ​ idea. I'll use the Canvas Discussion tool for student journals. It seems easier for me and my students, and flexible enough to use for other student-teacher sharing purposes too. Thanks to both of you!