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Does anyone have example courses that were created by Administrators?

I'm working with a school district that is adopting Canvas for the 20-21 school year. The building principals are wanting some course examples that would help them design a course for their staff. Can anyone direct me to some good resources for this? 

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Hello Casey Troutman  and welcome to the Canvas Community!

All admin's were exactly where you are at one time. There are tons of resources in the community for you and I recommend you join the GroupInstructional Designers 

I've designed a page for my faculty to download "buttons" for their Homepage. These buttons take our students through each week (Higher Ed), the syllabus, Discussions, Library, etc.

Here are some other helpful links to review:

Blog Post created by Chris Long on May 22, 2015: Home Sweet Homepages without Tables 

Blog Post created by Stefanie Sanders  on Apr 16, 2015 Creating an inviting course home page 

Free instructional design course: learn to develop OERs 

K-12 Home Pages – examples please 

And here's the newest from Lily Philips            2020 Course Design Essentials: Event Launch & Giveaway 

: )   Heather