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Does posting a Google Cloud Assignment as a "group assignment" give edit permissions of that doc to all members of that group?

I am interested in the idea of "collaborations" but want to make it a little simpler to have the collaboration doc be uploaded to all student gradebooks of that group.  

So, here's the question: 

If I use Google Assignments to publish a google doc by naming it as a "group" assignment, will all students of that group have access to the same google doc?  Or is naming the "group" assignment mean that the assignment will populate as a submission in each student's gradebook?  

If the permissions are not granted by using Google Assignments with "groups", is there a way to set up collaborations ahead of time, and direct link in text of the assignment to the specific collaboration, or do I just link to the "Collaborations" section of the course?  

Thank you! 

Jen Spencer

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Jennifer,  I am playing around with Collabs and Google Docs too. 

Seems that you first put students into 'groups', then create a COLLAB and assign by 'groups', which I'm assuming each group will get a separate doc - 6 groups, 6 docs. 

when I create assignment and make it a 'group' assignment, that means if I grade one person in the group, then all people in that group get the same grade populated in the gradebook. 

Not sure if this was helpful. 


Ah, that makes sense. So it sounds like two different steps on the teacher


1. Create assignment for the group.

2. Create a collaboration generic google doc for that same group.

3. Ask students to submit their collaboration document to the assignment

for their group (thereby populating all of their submissions for that


What I was hoping was that the sequence was instead:

1. Create a Google Assignment (external tool) for the group. By selecting

Google Assignment as the submission, identifying it as a group assignment,

and selecting the template I want them to use (part of the external tool)

this template populates the same shared document into each group

members Canvas assignments.

2. Document gets turned in by one member of the group and this (like above)

populates all of their submissions for that assignment.

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