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Does your school have instructors co-create content/curriculum as part of professional development?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for schools or districts (HE & K12) that have instructors co-create content or curriculum as part of professional development. If you happen to work at or know of such a school, could you please reply and let me know? I'll then contact you individually afterward to learn more about how its going. Thanks!

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Community Coach

Hi Deactivated user​...

I wanted to let you know that I have shared your question with the Canvas for Professional Development​ group here in the Canvas Community in hopes that it will get some additional exposure on this website.  Also, in reading over your question, it seems like there might not be one "correct" answer, so I'm going to switch this from a "question" to a "discussion".  The conversation can continue...there just won't be a single "correct" response.  Hope this helps!

Thanks for looking out for me, Chris.

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I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but our District has "Academic Coaches" who assist teachers in creating content and curriculum. I just conducted a training with the coaches on how to create better assessments using Canvas. They were asked to create a quiz that their teachers can use and post it into the Commons.

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In some of training sessions we have encourage the teachers to create and share their content to Commons.  We are also looking create some focus training sessions over the summer in which the goal will be for teachers to understand how different elements in Canvas work and then practice develop content based on district developed content.


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HI David,

Our College has only just joined Canvas and we are starting to use it for staff professional development. We have not shared anything to Commons (yet), however we are finding that learning Canvas through Canvas, as well as setting up our staff Literacy/Numeracy meetings, staff accreditation etc is proving (or will prove) helpful. Our staff are starting to really enjoy it and can see the possibilities for self paced / personalized professional learning that can be developed through Canvas.