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Due date not showing


I have assigned the Alternative assignment for Crime Scene Investigation to 3 students only (they could not participate in the on-campus investigation).  I set the due date at 12 March.  However, as shown in screenshot below, the due date is not appearing.  When I go to my Calendar, it appears as crossed out (see screenshot below).  None of the students have done the assignment (because it did not appear in their calendar), so I have not graded it yet. 




my calendarmy calendar



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Did you set the available from date?

If not, that is the issue I believe.  I ran into this problem a while back and I believe that the available from date has to be set for a calendar entry to be set.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  Impressive!  Originally, I had set a from and until date but then removed that (thinking that might be the problem), refreshed, but still no dice - the due date is not showing up.


Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 7.43.35 AM.png



I went back and looked again at what you sent.  I see now that assignment itself underneath does not have the due date.  I just tried it out on my course and with just a due date, it shows up underneath the assignment (even with it unpublished).  I see that yours just has the points value.  My information looks slightly different from yours as well.  mine has due with the date and time.  I am not sure what is happening.  I'll have to pass on the solution and let more knowledgeable people weigh in.


The quick reply was because you posted right before I happened to look through the questions.

Thanks again for the follow-up.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that I have assigned this piece of work to only 3 students, from different sections and not to a whole class.  Maybe? 


I don't think that is the case.  I get the following in that case: