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Dummy Accounts for Our Sandbox Instance

We are still in our sandbox instance of Canvas, waiting for our contract to be finalized. We have added faculty users who will be a part of our Canvas pilot, and I would like to add at least one "dummy" account per faculty member so that they can test functions like setting up the Grade book,  grading papers with Speed Grader, and even trying out the Roll Call tool.

Do any of you have a methodology or best practice you have used to accomplish this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @debbie_ellis  

I am trying to remember back 7 years when we first got Canvas, and I am thinking that our "pilot" account was just made our real account once the contract was finalized.

Anyways, you always have need for dummy users, and this is what we did.............

  • Student Test1, Student Test2 etc. (Student is first name, Test1 etc. is last name)
  • User ID we made student1, student2, student3 etc.
  • Passwords we made student1, student2, student3, etc.

I'm a firm believer in KISS! Which I suspect is rather obvious.  I know, we see all these cute dummy accounts out there based on Disney or Star Wars characters and all that jazz, but then you have to remember things like "What was Minnie Mouse's password or user ID?"  We just type student1,student2,student3  etc. in the add peoples box, and we are off and running. Also, for our faculty, it makes this super easy for them to remember.

This makes it soooooo easy to add our dummies to classrooms for whatever purposes, and we are still using them to date.

A couple years back we had a need to give them working email addresses because of a couple LTI integrations, so we had IT create us an account, and created their emails as ad infinum. That has worked out great also.

Have fun,


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @debbie_ellis ...

In reading your question, it seems that there could be various responses depending on the school.  So, I'm going to switch your Question to a Discussion...which is more open-ended.  Discussions do not have one response that is necessarily "correct" compared to others...which is how this topic was originally created.  I hope making this switch is okay with you.

Learner II


Our sandbox account became the real deal. During the pilot, even though I was a teacher on the committee, I had admin rights. I manually added select teacher accounts so that the sandbox could be tested. Most already had courses on the free version. 

Once our district signed the contract then I was removed as admin. All our work during the pilot survived and we are now happily chugging along our first full semester.