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Duplicate correct answers in New Quizzes

Hi, we have a use case whereby we want there to be duplicate answers available within Matching question type, but not having the answer appear multiple times to student. This is fine in Classic but New Quizzes it's not working the same and it's a shame as there are other new question types that we also want to use from NQ. See attached for screenshots of what trying to achieve. What's the best way to raise as a feature request? Thanks, Will (Uni345118_EMQ classic.PNG345128_EMQ NQ.PNG of Liverpool)

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

No answer for you sadly but to let you know it also occurs in the Fill in the Blanks feature when you choose to use the Word Bank option. I had hoped that I could use Word bank as a differentiated feature within quizzing but swiftly abandoned that when I found you could double click on a gap and it was converted into a drop down option.

Yup, pretty frustrating and like many things, I found out the hard way when students rightly complained that the answer they used was correct but marked wrong! They had chosen the second of the two answers.

Not sure I added it to my list of things that New Quizzes needs to to better (Very Nearly) 13 Features I wish were in‌ but deserves to be there...

As for raising it as an issue, you could try User Group: New Quizzes and Open Ideas. The list is quite long but you never know but always important to voice your opinion.


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